UNIFORM PRICES 2023 & 2024

AIS Polo Top             $30          

AIS Sweatshirt       $4

AIS Shorts                 $28

AIS Hat                       $15

AIS Trackpants      $35 (optional)

AIS PE Top                 $30  

AIS PE Shorts $20 (optional)

Our uniform can only be purchased at Avalon Intermediate. We have eftpos available and this is the preferred payment method but we accept cash and can do WINZ quotes. 


Students at A.I.S. wear sports shoes to school. It is important that they wear sports trainers and not converse shoes, high tops or canvas shoes. The table shows which sports shoes are acceptable.

Jewellery,  Hair & Nails

Hair should be of natural colour. 

Jewellery wrist watches and ear studs only - no other piercings. The following are not permitted: long earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings & anklets. Cultural taonga can be worn.

Nails should be natural colour, no nail polish or false nails. 

Makeup we discourage the wearing of makeup at school.



In 2024, the Board of Trustees will be providing stationery to all students at the beginning of the year. There is no cost for families. 


Students are expected to have all items from the school stationery list and need to be equipped for learning each day. Stationery packs can be purchased through our school office for $25.00 before school starts in 2023.

8          1B8                                                                                 

2          1E5                                                                       

6          Pencils                                                        

1          Red pen                                                

1          Blue pen                                             

2          Highlighter                                          

1          Protractor                                             

1          Ruler                                                   

1          Rubber                                                 

3          Glue Stick (40g)      

1     A4 Visual Diary - supplied by school to students                                                                     

1          Pencil Case