Enrolment Information

Enrolments for 2024 are now open 

Please note that we have an enrolment scheme in place. Our school zone can be found at the bottom of the page. 

All enrolments were due by Friday 8th September 

In Zone Students 

All students who live in our school zone are eligible to enrol at Avalon Intermediate School. Enrolment packs have been provided to all Year 6 students who visited (or will visit) our school on open days, and they can also be collected from our school office. All in zone enrolments are to be completed and returned to the Avalon Intermediate School office were due by Friday 8th September 2023. 

Out of Zone Students

The Board made 30 spaces available for new students in 2024, who live outside of our school zone. All applications for enrolment were due by Friday 8th September 2023.  Letters were sent out to successful applicants on Thursday 15th September. A ballot was not needed because the number of applicants were less than the number of spaces available. Therefore all out-of-zone students who had applied to enrol by 8th September 2023 have been offered a space. Once the 30 spaces for out-of-zone students have been filled, a waiting list will be created and any spaces that become available during the yar will be offered to the next students on the list. 

Avalon Int Enrolment Scheme - for April 2023.pdf
avalon Intermediate School (1).pdf