AIS Market Day - Wednesday 23 November 12 - 2pm

Parents, Caregivers & Whānau are welcome to join us on Market DAY.

There will be FOOD, DRINKS and a range of different student made products & services on sale at this time.

You can convert your real dollars for AIS dollars at the main office on the Wednesday Morning.


If your child has a school work pack or a chromebook at home, this information is important for you and your child to read.

Requesting Work Packs and Chromebooks

This week we have made work packs and our school chromebooks available for students who are learning from home. If your child is sick with COVID or is a household contact, you need to let us know and we will deliver these to you. If you are keeping your child home because they are generally unwell or because of the high numbers of positive cases we currently have, you need to let our school office know and you can then request a work pack and chromebook which you can collect.

Returning Work Packs and Chromebooks

Work packs and chromebooks need to be brought back to the school office when your child returns to school so we can update our device register. Work packs will be kept with the office for now, so that we can re-distribute these later if needed, and use them in classrooms.

We have invested a lot of money in these resources so it is really important that they come back so your child can keep using them please!


The work packs we are now providing are 2 write-on text books for Maths and English. These books have been purchased for our students to use at home, and also when they are back at school. Your child has been provided with a book that is at their level. There are examples, tasks and answers in both books and there is plenty of work in here for them to do.


Step 1: Go to our school website

Step 2: Select the tab ‘Year 8 Learning from Home’ OR ‘Year 7 Learning from Home’

All of the activities and instructions for work that students can do is found here. We will update this site by adding more activities every second week.

Some activities in our Learning from Home programme have Google Docs that students need to open to complete. We have given clear instructions so students can find each activity in a folder in their Google Drive called - Learning from Home.

Students know how to find their way around their Google Drive so they should be able to do all of their work independently- hopefully!!!

What if your child is using a different device?

If your child is NOT using a school chromebook (i.e. they are using a personal device/tablet) they need to be able to check their emails and Google Drive BUT it is a bit trickier.

Step 1: They need to go to

Step 2: The need to login using their AIS gmail account which is their first name and the first letter of their surname THEN


Step 3: Then they can find their Google Drive by finding the 9 dot icon at the top right corner

This will take them to their Google Drive and they can then find their ‘Learning from Home’ folder.

The teacher’s role in Home Learning

Because our school is still open, our teachers are not able to run lessons online for students who are working from home, or provide specific feedback on the activities students are completing. Some of our teachers are sick with COVID or isolating, and the teachers who are onsite are helping to cover our staffing shortage. If your child needs help with their password or doesn’t know their Mathletics password, they can email their teacher directly.

Classroom teacher emails:

Rm 1:

Rm 2:

Rm 3:

Rm 4:

Rm 5:

Rm 6:

Rm 7:

Rm 8:

Rm 9:

Acting Deputy Principal & SENCO (Jessica Byrne):

Acting Principal for T3 & T4 2022 (Alissa Murdoch):

Principal (Ariana Te Whetu):

Take care whānau,

Ariana Te Whetu


Vision and Values

Our vision is KA MAHI TAHI TĀTOU, KA TAUA TĀTOU - Working as one, so we all succeed. Success at school is not limited to academic ability, it is different for every learner but it is our role as a school to provide the right culture, resources and support to help our tauira to be confident and successful learners. We know that our teaching and learning goes both ways and that our teaching staff have so much they can learn from our students and whanau, which is why our whakatauki applies to everyone in our learning community.

Ngā tikanga, the values that underpin the way that our school works are:

KAITIAKITANGA - Guardianship



MAURI ORA - Wellbeing

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AIS Staff - Lockdown Video

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